The mission statement of this project: “Minimizing overhead and editorial constraints eMeteorNews assures a swift exchange of information dedicated to all fields of active amateur meteor work.

Practical aspects

Who will take care of this? Several people volunteered to become MN-editor. Meteor workers interested to join the editorial board are welcome to join the current editorial board:

  • Salvador Aguirre (Mexico)
  • Karl Antier (France)
  • Lorenzo Barbieri (Italy)
  • François Colas (France)
  • Marcelo de Cicco (Brazil)
  • Antal Igaz (Hungary)
  • Carl Johannink (the Netherlands)
  • Paul Jones (USA)
  • Richard Kacerek (U.K.)
  • Jakub Koukal (Czech Republic)
  • Marco Langbroek (the Netherlands)
  • Bob Lunsford (USA)
  • Esko Lyytinen (Finland)
  • Jose Maria Madiedo (Spain)
  • Koen Miskotte (the Netherlands)
  • Hiroshi Ogawa (Japan)
  • Roman Piffl (Slovakia, MN-administrator)
  • Paul Roggemans (Belgium)
  • Carlos Saraiva (Portugal)
  • Enrico Stomeo (Italy)
  • Hirofumi Sugimoto (Japan)
  • Your name here? Contact to get access.

When? Discussions about this project started begin of 2016. The response to the idea was very positive. Several people offered to help and are interested to participate. Since we start from scratch, we’ll work out a prototype as experiment and use the rest of 2016 as a test period. We hope to collect news on the website and to compile a few online issues in PDF format. If the test period proves successful we’ll register an ISSN number and start archiving with ADS abstract service.

What to publish? We welcome input from all meteor workers: reports on visual observations, reports from camera networks, reports on radio observations, fireball and particular meteor sightings, anything related to meteor work. The content should focus on practical aspects, the style should be informal easy reading text.

How to submit content?

Send your text and pictures by mail to one of the editors. Short announcements can be published easily in WordPress without any layout requirements. To keep easy reading, submit the following as text without bothering about editing aspects:

  • A short title (mandatory);
  • Name of author(s) (mandatory);
  • Contact address(es) of the author (optional);
  • Abstract (optional but recommended for articles);
  • Body text (mandatory);
  • Pictures (optional, but if pictures are submitted a caption is mandatory);
  • References (optional).

Meteor News has been created by Roman Piffl using WordPress. If you want some help on using WordPress, please download these guidelines: guidelines_for_editors_of_MeteorNews.pdf

If you have a relative long and elaborated contribution it may be worth the effort to prepare this as a Word document. In such case we recommend to use the Word template which can be downloaded here. Save this dotx file on your computer. In Word you find under ‘File’ – ‘Options’ – ‘Add ins’, here at the bottom you see ‘Manage’ select ‘Templates’ & click ‘Go’ in the tab ‘Templates browse to select the eMeteorNews dotx file. Make sure to mark ‘Automatically update document styles’.

Publication policy

As soon as some content is received by an editor, it will be published as soon as possible on the website.

Every now and then a selection of articles collected on the website will be assembled as a journal in PDF which will be reported and archived with the ADS abstract service (from 2017 onwards). All papers published in and its PDF journal eMeteorNews will be archived for consultation and reference purposes.