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Meteor Activity Outlook for 15-21 July 2017

During this period the moon will reach its last quarter phase on Sunday July 16. While the half-illuminated moon will certainly cast some glare in the night sky, it is still much less bright than the full moon. Therefore successful meteor observations can be obtained by simply keeping the moon out of your field of view while observing.

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Slow Meteors

by Martin Dubs, Stefano Sposetti, Roger Spinner and Beat Booz Slow meteors are studied with video observations and spectroscopy. A comparison of their orbits and spectra points to a common origin. Although they do not belong to...

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Meteor Activity Outlook for 1-7 July 2017

During this period the moon’s phase will increase from half illuminated to nearly full. This weekend the half illuminated moon will set during the early morning hours allowing a couple of hours of viewing under dark conditions. With each passing night this window of opportunity shrinks and by the end of the period the full moon will lie above the horizon nearly the entire night.

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