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Meteor Activity Outlook for 4-10 November 2017

During this period the moon will reach its full phase on Saturday November 4. At this time the bright moon will be above the horizon all night long and will severely limit the amount of meteor activity to be seen. As the week progresses the evening hours become more favorable for viewing as the moon rises later in the night. Unfortunately the evening hours are usually slow with rates rarely surpassing 5 per hour. This is a good time to try an catch a bright Taurid meteor or perhaps a rare Andromedid!

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Meteor Activity Outlook for 28 October-3 November 2017

During this period the moon will wax from half illuminated to nearly full by the end. Conditions will be favorable this weekend and early next week for viewing meteors in the hours before dawn. Late in the period the moon will become a problem as it is nearing its full phase and will remain is the sky most of the night. The bright moonlight will obscure all but the brighter meteors.

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Orionids 2017 from Spain

This video shows an accelerated view (a “meteor-lapse”) of the meteor activity recorded during the peak of the 2017 Orionds. The images were obtained by one of the cameras operating in the framework of the SMART...

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