Author: Richard Kacerek

New England Fireball 17 May 2016

American Meteor Society received nearly 700 public reports about a very large meteor spotted over North East US on 17 May 2016 at 12:50 AM. The fireball was seen primarily from Maine but witnesses from Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Ontario (Canada) and Québec (Canada) also reported the event. Read more about this fireball at AMS...

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St. Patrick’s Day fireball over United Kingdom

On Saturday 17th March 2016 UK public woke up to bit of a shock. 8 UKMON stations ( Church Crookham, Clanfield, Wilcot, Norman Lockyer, Natural History Museum and even Scotch Street station in Northern Ireland ) at 3:16AM captured -14 mag fireball over South of England. The International Meteor Organization (IMO) received over 45 public reports so far about a fireball spotted also by French and Belgian networks. Public described the event as a very bright fireball (bolide) with a green tint, since then UKMON team named this event as St. Patrick’s Day Fireball. UKMON network has been in...

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Using R to analyse your meteor data

UKMON team created series of scripts using analytical suite R to automatically process and summarize meteor data our network produces. Peter Campbell-Burns has extensive experience in data analysis which helped us to create this idea of semi-automated process.Old way of manipulating Excel documents was just taking too much time and R allows us to manage large data sets very easily. First we created some fairly basic scripts to test the idea, adding more math into each script. A result is a full library of written scripts to save you time. And this is exactly our idea, to simplify process of creating...

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